Places In Peril

"Lucky" (Live at Traveler’s Rest — Toccoa, GA)

"Disaster Proof" (Live at Lexington Presbyterian Church - Oglethorpe County, GA)

"OK Corral" (Live at Chattahoochee Park Pavilion — Gainesville, GA)

"Audition Tapes" (Live at Capricorn Recording Studios - Macon, GA)

"Hardstuff" (Live at Central State Hospital — Milledgeville, GA)

"Quit Diggin’ (Live @ St. Eom’s Pasaquan — Places In Peril)

"Share The Needle" (Live at Paradise Garden - Summerville, GA)

"History’s Hoax (Live @ Hancock County Courthouse — Places In Peril)

"Beauty Rest" (Live at The Rock House — Thomson, GA)

"Own Worst Enemy" (Live at The Ritz Theatre — Thomaston, GA)

I’ve always been more interested in the past than the future. I’m fascinated by how people lived, how civilizations have risen & fallen, and especially by the things that have been left behind.  Looking back, we find countless stories of people who had to preserve and survive. Now, it seems, all we do is consume and squander.

As musicians, many of us seek out gear that is older; handmade instruments and amps built from the best materials on hand in a time before the bottom line took over the craft.  I think it’s great that musicians recognize the quality in older workmanship, but it shouldn’t stop there. We love our old guitars and restored cars, why not our homes? Our studios?

I’ve spent my life in a South full of history; some parts worth preserving, some parts better left behind.  This project focuses more on the physical remnants from my home state.  The Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation takes time each year to create a list of Places in Peril. These are historically significant structures from around the state of Georgia which are in particular need of awareness and repair.

My friend and photographer, Jason Thrasher, and I recently traveled to ten of these places in peril where at each spot he filmed myself (and fellow Athens musicians Matt “pistol” Stoessel and Thayer Sarrano) playing an acoustic version of one song from my upcoming album Audition Tapes (out July 30th).

We wanted the videos to be quick & spontaneous and give people a glimpse of how important we feel it is preserve what we have before we just pave over it to build something soul-less and bland.  Come on people.  The future is history anyway.


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